[knot-dns-users] Migration from djbdns/tinydns to knot-dns.cz

Frank Matthieß frank.matthiess at virtion.de
Thu Jan 24 09:31:20 CET 2019


On 2019-01-24 09:23:04, Daniel Salzman wrote:
> Hello Frank,
> 1) You don't need to prepare "empty" zone with the SOA record. It's initialized automatically along with AXFR.

Ok, that perfect. I'm not aware of it.
I will try it again w/o empty zone.

> 2) Does tinydns support IXFR? It seems that the server responds in a strange way.

That's what I'm afraid of.

> If you allowed me doing zone transfer, I could look at it. It's interesting :-)

Please send me your source ipv4 address and i will give you the permission to do
a zonetransfer.

BTW: The used djbdns/tinydns software is version 1.05

- Frank

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