[knot-dns-users] Migration from djbdns/tinydns to knot-dns.cz

Frank Matthieß frank.matthiess at virtion.de
Thu Jan 24 08:12:51 CET 2019

Hello all,

we want to migrate to a state of the art nameserver software.
Our startingpoint is djbdns/tinydns.

Our first step should be to to use zone transfer from tinydns to knot-dns

I configure the knot-dns a slave:

	# knotc conf-read
	acl.id = master
	acl[master].address =
	acl[master].action = notify
	remote.id = master
	remote[master].address =
	zone.domain = vtnx.net.
	zone[vtnx.net.].master = master
	zone[vtnx.net.].acl = master

and add a initial soa rr for that domain:
	vtnx.net.               0       SOA     ns1.vtnx.net. hostmaster.vtnx.net. 1 16384 2048 1048576 2560

This the exact soa of the running vtnx.net domain, but a diffrent serial.

After triggering the notification from the master, i got this logging:

	Jan 24 07:53:19 ns1-neu knotd[26299]: info: [vtnx.net.] notify, incoming, at 38668: received, serial none
	Jan 24 07:53:19 ns1-neu knotd[26299]: info: [vtnx.net.] refresh, outgoing, at 53: remote serial 1548307450, zone is outdated
	Jan 24 07:53:19 ns1-neu knotd[26299]: warning: [vtnx.net.] IXFR, incoming, at 53: malformed response SOA
	Jan 24 07:53:19 ns1-neu knotd[26299]: warning: [vtnx.net.] refresh, remote master not usable
	Jan 24 07:53:19 ns1-neu knotd[26299]: error: [vtnx.net.] refresh, failed (no usable master)

What about "malformed response SOA"?
Why is this an IXFR and no AXFR?

- Frank
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