[knot-dns-users] Knot 2.1.0-rc1

Bastien Durel bastien at durel.org
Thu Jan 14 10:34:13 CET 2016


Knot 2.1.0-rc1 made its way to the debian repository. I installed it as
part of today's upgrade, but it seems to not like my configuration :

For each zone I got these messages :

2016-01-14T10:07:00 error: [durel.org] DNSSEC, failed to initialize
(invalid parameter)
2016-01-14T10:07:00 error: [durel.org] failed to store changes into
journal (invalid parameter)
2016-01-14T10:07:00 error: [durel.org] zone load failed (invalid

I log zone events up to notice level.

my default template is :
  - id: "default"
    storage: "/var/lib/knot/external"
    ixfr-from-differences: "on"
    dnssec-signing: "on"
    kasp-db: "keys"
    serial-policy: "increment"

And this zone is defined as :
  - domain: "durel.org."
    file: "durel.org"
    notify: "corrin"
    acl: "acl_corrin"

Which is this "invalid parameter ?"



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