[knot-dns-users] minimal responses

Jan Včelák jan.vcelak at nic.cz
Fri Sep 4 14:49:16 CEST 2015

Jan Včelák wrote:
> Robert Edmonds wrote:
>> I can certainly see how apex NS records in the authority section is not
>> particularly useful for root or TLD servers, but it's occasionally
>> useful for "leaf" zones to speed up the propagation of updated NS
>> records, due to the trust ranking rules in RFC 2181 §5.4.1.
> I haven't thought about this. This might be indeed useful. On the other
> hand, why NS and not any other RR type? I think this is really single
> purposed and I'm not convinced (at the moment) that this is worthy of
> adding an option.

I've created an issue so that we don't forget about it:


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