[knot-dns-users] knot 1.6 an non-locl interfaces

Peter Hudec phudec at cnc.sk
Thu Oct 8 12:54:26 CEST 2015

On 08/10/15 11:20, Jan Včelák wrote:
> On Thursday, October 08, 2015 11:10:37 AM Peter Hudec wrote:
>> So for my point of view it does not matter if the package will be for
>> EL6 or EL7. I prefer EL6, but the other may EL7 ;)
> Knot DNS 2.0 requires GnuTLS 3, which is not available in EL6. So it's a 
> little bit complicated as I will have to package the library as well.
> EL7 will be fine. We have a nightly builds if you want to try it (in testing 
> environment): https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/jvcelak/knot/
OK, forget the EL6, for tetsing on CentOS7 I will use the nightly builds.
> And if you really need non-local address binding in Knot DNS 1.6, we can 
> probably do a backport.
Short explanation: Our anycast server is configured to server in case of
emergency more than on anycast prefix, all I need to do is ifup dummyX
interface. The BGP will start automatically distribute the prefix. 
Normal case is to announce only one prefix is announced. That's the
reason why I use this feature.
I can't use or [::], since in this case the response has source
address of the primary interface. There are several ways how to fix it
and one is this ;)

If you do  backport this into 1.6 I wouldn't need to upgrade Debian 7 to
8;) but you do not need to if nobody needs this.

Anyway, there will be time I have to upgrade the EL6 to EL7 and Debian 7
to 8 ;)


> Jan

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