[knot-dns-users] Problem with expiring zones - new stable version

Jakub Stollmann stollmann at pershinghar.eu
Tue Jul 8 09:55:06 CEST 2014


after upgrading to new stable version 1.4.7 we noticed a problem with 
zones, which are expiring (i've seen some bugfix -expiration timer). It 
happened second time now, and i think its happening every week (7days). 
Zones, which expired are selected randomly, count of expired zones is ~8.

expired zones are listed like this:
somezone.net.    type=slave | serial=0 | bootstrap idle |

After manually refreshing zone everything works fine.
TTL is 86400 - 1 day
We are using knot as slave dns. Bind9 is master.

Thanks for some advices.


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