[knot-dns-users] Knot DNS v1.6.1 release

Ondřej Surý ondrej.sury at nic.cz
Tue Dec 30 11:15:23 CET 2014

Hi Andreas,

thanks for the offer.  We will need some additional testing with upcoming 2.0.0 alpha version, but for the repositories there's not much apart from bugging us.  We were moving our offices just before end of the year, so the things were bit in turmoil, thus the delay.


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> tis 2014-12-30 klockan 10:13 +0100 skrev Ondřej Surý:
>> ...The Ubuntu packages should be updated in few minutes.
> Nice, thanks!
> As someone who really appreciates that these repositories exists, is
> there anything one can do to help out? Such as being around for an
> additional round of testing or so?
> // Andreas

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