[knot-dns-users] Knot 1.6.1 and full journal

Jan Kadlec jan.kadlec at nic.cz
Mon Dec 15 13:01:29 CET 2014

Hello Anand,

Knot will discard as many old records as needed to store the incoming 
entry, exactly how many depends on size of the incoming record and state 
of the journal. Also, when a zone is flushed to a text file, all journal 
entries are marked 'clean' and can later be discarded without flushing, 
but they will stay in the journal, as long as there is enough space for 
incoming records. One note about the journal file size: once the journal 
file reaches its maximum size, it will stay at that size indefinitely, 
although there might be free space in the journal.

I hope this helps,



On 12/15/2014 11:22 AM, Anand Buddhdev wrote:
> Hi Knot developers,
> I have another question about journals. I've noticed that for one zone,
> the journal size is 9M (with my configured limit at 10M).
> Now, I see this each time in the logs:
> 2014-12-15T07:56:02 notice: [103.in-addr.arpa] journal is full, flushing
> 2014-12-15T08:13:09 notice: [103.in-addr.arpa] journal is full, flushing
> 2014-12-15T08:16:35 notice: [103.in-addr.arpa] journal is full, flushing
> 2014-12-15T08:20:27 notice: [103.in-addr.arpa] journal is full, flushing
> It looks like once a journal is close to the maximum size, then it just
> remains at that size, with the result that each time an IXFR comes in,
> and overflows the journal, Knot wants to flush the changes to disk
> immediately. Does Knot discard old records from the journal at this point?
> Anand
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