[knot-dns-users] Knot DNS v1.3.0 final!

Marek Vavruša marek.vavrusa at nic.cz
Mon Aug 5 17:39:25 CEST 2013

Hi Everyone,

as promised last week, I am proud to announce the 1.3.0 final is out!
It's been a long release cycle since the last final release, but it
brought lots and lots of bugfixes and a slew of new features.
Let me reiterate briefly what's new since the 1.2.0 - one of the most
visible features is the new zone file parser,
which eliminated the whole zone compilation process and sped up both
startup and preparation.
There's also a magical configure option --enable-fastparser which
makes it even faster (about 2x), very close to loading a binary zone.
We also brought our own alternative to DNS utilities like dig, host
and nsupdate which aim to be compatible with the ISC counterparts,
but also bring some nimble enhancements like pretty comments and output for dig.
No smaller are changes to the configuration. Features like groups of
remotes, include in config, UNIX sockets for remote control, new knotc
commands and general build scripts overhaul that make it nicer for the
package maintainers and users.
There also was a major refactoring effort under the bonnet (and more
to come), which shows in a lower memory consumption, maintainability
and trim code base. For many many more, check our web pages or have a
look at the NEWS file for an exhaustive list of changes and bugfixes.

Back on the ground, we fixed several bugs since rc5 last week. Namely
answering from names at or below insecure delegation points,
new defaults for CH TXT special zones, randomly disconnected transfers
and secondary groups not being initialized when dropping privileges.
Also the bootstrap retry timer is now progressive.

Many thanks for Anand Buddhdev, Jonathan Hoppe, Johan Ihren, Erwin
Lansing and many others who have sent constructive reports, ideas,
encouragements and actual code (How cool is that?).

As always, you can find the full changelog at:


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Packages available at www.knot-dns.cz will be updated soon as well.


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