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after some time we are announcing a new version of FRED. As usually
release notes are published here:

We have intentionally not announced version 2.37 since this version was
changing hardcoded default for WHOIS disclose flags from "everything is
by default public" to "everything is by default hidden" of course
because of GDPR. New default was again hardcoded and immediate upgrade
could cause issue to registrars that relies on default policy. With
version 2.38 this default policy is configuration option so registry
has control when this policy change based on discussion with
registrars. All the information should be seen from documentation.

I'd like to pick one change from release notes to write about little
bit more and this is handling incoming payments. We are trying to make
FRED even more modular and move all about payments and invoices into
separated module. There is background idea that at some point in time,
this module could be replaced with generic accounting software that
will take care of issuing invoices which should not be responsibility
of registry. For now, the only visible change is that tab payments
disappears from web administration interface (Daphne) and also
associated database tables bank_payment and bank_statement are not
required. My assumption is that this change doesn't have effect for any
instance but in case it has, there is a new component called Pain (from
"payments and invoices") that provides the same functionality but needs
to be installed as additional thing. Feel free to ask more about this
if you'd like to try it.


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