Prices for creating and renewing domains

Mario Guerra mguerra at
Fri Jul 21 22:24:06 CEST 2017


We've tested applying credits to registrars using FRED. Now, I want to 
make a  question of how the deductions are made.

Say, I decide to have 40 monetary units for domain creation and 10 for 
domain update for renewing my domain, this way.

/fred-admin --price_add --operation_price 40.00 --zone_fqdn dom 
--operation CreateDomain/

/fred-admin --price_add --operation_price 10.00 --zone_fqdn dom 
--operation RenewDomain/

and assign 140 monetary units to their credit, this way

/fred-admin --invoice_credit --zone_id 1 --registrar_id 6 --price 140/

The zone numbered 1 is "dom" .

When I create a domain like this:

/create_domain testmg6.dom mf02 NULL NULL NULL (1 y)


What is deducted from the credit is 80 monetary units, not 70, so what 
is left is 60.

Is that correct?. If it is, how to apply ONLY the renewal price when you 
renew the domain, not when you create it?.

Best regards.

Mario Guerra


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