Maximum renewal period in FRED

Piotr PrzybyƂ piotr at
Fri Sep 9 09:41:51 CEST 2016

On 09/09/16 09:38, Dr Paulos B Nyirenda wrote:
> Jaromir,
> Just one or two more clarifications on FRED:
> 1. Is there a default maximum number of years (or months) for renewing a domain ?
> I see that in .cz this is required to be 10 years - is this burned into FRED or can it be 
> modified?
> See:

Hello Paulos

This is stored in zone table.
select fqdn, ex_period_max from zone;

In ex_period_max you'll see maximum period in months. We have adjusted that directly in the DB and
it works.

Best regards

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