domain transfers in FRED - how to charge the transaction

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On Fri, 2016-09-02 at 11:37 +0200, Dr Paulos B Nyirenda wrote:
> Jaromir, all,
> Our FRED registry 3R operation is going well enough that we can now
> move on to tackle 
> issues on domain transfers and I have one or two questions with the
> following understanding 
> that I have:.
> 1. My understanding is that: Once auth_info has been sent from
> current owner A to new 
> owner B for domain then B can do the transfer, such as using
> fred-client command:
> transfer_domain auth_info_A [other_options]
> Is this correct?  what are the other options?

Just small correction about term owner. There is registrar A and
registrar B. Owener (registrant) is the same for the whole process. So
Owner will get auth_info and send it to registrar B that that will call
'transfer_domain domain_name auth_info', there is no other options.
Domain is transferred and auth_info is reset to a new value.

> 2. A WHOIS query for will then list new registrar: B


> 3. System then generates new auth_info_B and assigns it under
> registrar B ... right ?


> 4. How can the registry charge for the transfer of the domain

Since there is not registry "cost" associated with transfer, there is
no possibility to charge transfers. Expiration date is not changed
during transfer so registry has got already paid for this domain until
expiration date.

> 5. What needs to be configured in FRED to charge for domain transfers
> like this one?

Explained above

> 6. If this FRED config can be done using fred-admin then please show
> syntax for trhe 
> fred-admin command to configure charging for domain transfers.

Explained above

> 7. If there a similar arrangement for transfering other objects like
> contacts and/or nssets?

Yes, contacts, nssets and keysets are transferred the same way - they
have auth_info and new registrar can call trasnfer command with


> Regards,
> Paulos
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