domain transfers in FRED - how to charge the transaction

Dr Paulos B Nyirenda paulos at
Fri Sep 2 11:37:52 CEST 2016

Jaromir, all,

Our FRED registry 3R operation is going well enough that we can now move on to tackle 
issues on domain transfers and I have one or two questions with the following understanding 
that I have:.

1. My understanding is that: Once auth_info has been sent from current owner A to new 
owner B for domain then B can do the transfer, such as using fred-client command:

transfer_domain auth_info_A [other_options]

Is this correct?  what are the other options?

2. A WHOIS query for will then list new registrar: B

3. System then generates new auth_info_B and assigns it under registrar B ... right ?

4. How can the registry charge for the transfer of the domain

5. What needs to be configured in FRED to charge for domain transfers like this one?

6. If this FRED config can be done using fred-admin then please show syntax for trhe 
fred-admin command to configure charging for domain transfers.

7. If there a similar arrangement for transfering other objects like contacts and/or nssets?


Dr Paulos B Nyirenda
NIC.MW & .mw ccTLD

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