Quick question on Fred regarding Premium Domain Names

Piotr PrzybyƂ piotr at przybyl.org
Wed Nov 2 20:52:04 CET 2016

On 02/11/16 16:14, Mark Elkins wrote:
> I'm writing some words on my understanding of Premium Domain Names - and
> am not sure about FRED....
> Quick question:
> Does FRED implement the code to specify that "these names" are premium
> names and therefore cost more. The Registrar also needs a slight EPP
> code modification in that they must provide the (expected) cost of the
> domain to the Registry - in order to confirm its premium status - and I
> guess - the correct cost.
> In order for the Registry to implement this, one might need to perhaps
> provide a file of "regular expressions" which if met - would imply the
> Domain Name is Premium... could even add a second column as the cost?
> eg
> .         (to match one character)
> ..        (to match two characters)
> ...       (to match three characters)
> green     ( and other "generic" names)
> blue
> sexy
> travel
> hotel*    (hotel, hotels, hotel-bookings - etc)
> Perhaps - do people have a different understanding of "What is a Premium
> Domain Name" ?

Hello Mark

I've never seen such concept implemented in FRED so far (so it doesn't mean it can't exist).

AFAICT the prices can be different among zones/extensions only. And are flat.
(Not talking about post-paid invoices, etc.)

There is some matching regarding domain names, but it's used for blacklisted expressions.

Best regards

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