*****SPAM***** HELP modifying TTL in genzone-client generated zones

Dr Paulos Nyirenda paulos at sdnp.org.mw
Thu Aug 25 23:31:11 CEST 2016

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Content preview:  Help, We need to modify some SOA paramenters in zones that
   are generated by genzone-client like reduce the TTL since we are now generating
   the zone more frequently by cron job. fred-admin which we use to create zones
   does not seem to have a feature to midify a zone like this [...] 

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                            [score: 0.4839]
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                            anti-forgery methods
 1.0 HK_NAME_DR             No description available.
 0.8 KAM_ASCII_DIVIDERS     Spam that uses ascii formatting tricks

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