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On Tue, 2016-08-23 at 16:23 +0200, Piotr Przybył wrote:
> Hello cz.nic Team
> I have a few questions related to database migration of FRED if you
> don't mind.
> ====
> When trying to download the latest sources from
> age/2904/download/#source I've
> realised, that they're not available. E.g. the latest migration
> scripts are available in
> fred-db*deb, but the tarball is not a corresponding one.
> Could you please try to release latest sources in tarballs?

The last version I've uploaded on the website is 2.23. We have released
small upgrades 2.24 and 2.25 but there is an issue with building them
on Fedora 24 so I'v postponed next website update to 2.26 that will be
available for recent Fedora system. I believe this will be available
next week and I'll do website update immediately after that.

> ====
> I've noticed, that upgrade to 2.19.0 creates a table
> object_state_backup. However, beside DDL from
> 2.18.0-2.19.0.sql I don't see this table being used anywhere else.
> Can it be deleted?

Definitely, we didn't want to delete this table inside the script since
there was some change in object_state handling and we wanted to have
backup for some time. We will include drop of this table in next
upgrade script.

> ====
> Could you briefly describe what's the purpose of tables:
>  contact_address
>  contact_address_history
> As far I can tell after analysing the sources, these tables are
> populated by a functionality called
> from MojeID ( =your special NIC registrar to keep domain contacts
> defined at central level, not each
> registrar's level).

There is a concept of single address in FRED. In our mojeID registrar
we have a concept of multiple addresses (mail address, permanent
address,...). We decided to move this concept down into FRED and
implemented multiple addresses in FRED database. The next step was
supposed to be propagate this multiple address manipulation into EPP
but this was postponed for a while. I believe we will get to his soon.

> ====
> What are the following tables for? Or: How the checks of contacts are
> working? Is is something
> related to checking if a contact's address fields are valid?
>  contact_check
>  contact_check_history
>  contact_check_message_map
>  contact_check_object_state_request_map
>  contact_check_poll_message_map
>  contact_test_result
>  contact_test_result_history
>  contact_testsuite_map
>  enum_contact_check_status
>  enum_contact_check_status_localization
>  enum_contact_test
>  enum_contact_test_localization
>  enum_contact_test_status
>  enum_contact_test_status_localization
>  enum_contact_testsuite
>  enum_contact_testsuite_localization

That would be loooong explanation :) I believe this will be part of new
documentation that Lena is working on. I talked about this briefly
during ICANN Techday slide 12,13
(selective contact validation). 

> ====
> There's a table notification_queue. I can't find any usage of it
> (maybe because not all tarballs are
> up to date). What is it for?

I was going to mention this in mail summarizing changes in FRED-2.24,
2.25 and 2.26. There is a new concept of asynchronous notification in
FRED-2.25. In previous versions when registrar issued EPP command that
involved sending notification email to registrant, EPP command was
waiting for notification subsystem to create this email. Asynchronous
notification means that there is only small record in
notification_queue table that notification should be send and
asynchronous script will create this email in separate process. The
advantage is greater speed of EPP and stability because when subsystem
for notification email creation is not available EPP is not locked.

> Do you replicate this table using Slony? (Because it has neither
> primary nor unique key.)

We are not using Slony anymore, we have changed to internal streaming
replication about 4 years ago. Maybe that's why we missed to add
primary key. I'll ask my colleagues to add this primary key.


> Best regards
> Piotr
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