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Piotr Przybył piotr at
Sun Jul 19 21:25:27 CEST 2015

On 19/07/15 09:21, Petur Kirke wrote:
> Im running this in fred-client:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Command to issue:
> create_nsset NS12840 ((, ( ID1
> Do you really want to send this command to the server? (y/N): y
> ERROR: Server returned an empty message.
> Ending session at localhost
> Disconnected.
> Try to automaticly reconnect - send login.
> Connecting to localhost, port 700 ...
> Connected!
> ERROR: Parameter value syntax error
> Reason: within protection peridod.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What does this mean ? Is the nsset protected for a period ? And how can i make it open again ?
> regards
> Petur Kirke
> .fo

Hello Petur

Please try to set enum_parameters, name handle_registration_protection_period to 0 (zero) in your DB.

I guess you might have this parameter set to a positive number and previously you had NSSET with
name NS12840 active in last 'positive number' days.

Reason is (I guess again ;-)) to disallow creating objects with the same ID right after they were
deleted. This could confuse users who not aware enough.

Best regards
Piotr Przybył

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