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We are in the process of creating one right now. We are using PHP. The 
system is both an interface for the customers, where they can create and 
maintain their domains, and also administration interface for the cctld of 

I am the only programmer. We have spent 6 months so far, the system is 
almost done now, and we expect it to be ready for running after 3 more 
months. The system includes some special features, which are nessesary for 
.fo, that has some special rules, which are not the same as any other 
country. But it should be easy to take out the special features.

I have recieved a lot of help by using Fred, and also from some people 
behind Fred, so i will be ready to give my help, when and where i can.


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> Hey,
> This is a general question;
> I was curious if anyone has a generic website that interfaces into
> FRED, that allows for people to register domains and update their details.
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