Khalifa Niang niang888 at
Tue May 12 12:53:02 CEST 2009



I've all servers runing on DEBIAN but I can't login with the default registrars :

root at nic:/home/nic# /usr/local/bin/fred-client

FredClient 2.1.2

Type "help", "license" or "credits" for more information.

Using configuration from /usr/local/etc/fred/fred-client.conf

> login REG-FRED_A passwd

Used socket type: IPv4.

Socket timeout: 10.0 sec.

Connecting to localhost, port 700 ...

Connection established.

Try to open SSL layer...

ERROR: I cannot connect to the server localhost.

Connection socket.error: (111, 'Connection refused') (localhost:700)

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