FRED on UBUNTU server 8.04

Khalifa Niang niang888 at
Sun May 10 23:56:53 CEST 2009

Hello sir 

I very much sorry

You wrote to me :

"Sorry, but I don't understand what configure script you are trying to
call. If you will install omniorb normal way (apt-get install omniidl4
omniidl4-python libomniorb4-dev libomnithread3-dev', you should not have
aby such problems."

I've install all mentioned on M GUERRA before install FRED.

Do you remember when I had problem with fred-pyfred  (witch not started) on DEBIAN and when I used fred-manager for install.
I had solved this with installing omniORBpy and fred-pyfred started.
So I think that I can solve this same problem on Ubuntu with omniORBpy installation.
Only fred-pyfred server don't start on UBUNTU.

On DEBIAN I have to delete FRED database for restarting servers otherwise it stop on PostgreSQL interface.

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