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> please help me with this one
> petur
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> Emne: delete one Domain only from nameserver
> How do i delete one Domain ONLY from DNS ?
> I cannot find any command for this in fred-client. Is there a
> (python?) command for this ?
> I need to do this, because when one Domain expires, we first want to
> delete it only from DNS, and the later delete the domain completely
> from the system.

There is a status list associated with each domain. If domain has status
outZone it's not generated to zone file. If you periodically call
'fred-admin --object_regular_procedure' from cron every day status is
updated automatically. Domain will get outzone flag 30 days after
expiration. 45 day after expiration, domain will be delete. Both
parameters can be updated in enum_parameter (id=4 and id=6). 

You can also set these statuses manually, but this procedure is a little
bit complicated. First you have to create status change request using
'fred-admin --object_new_state_request=STATE_ID --object_id=DOMAIN_ID'.
If you want to put it into zone, STATE_ID=6. If you want to put it out
of the zone, STATE_ID=5. Then you have to go to sql console and call
'SELECT update_object_states(DOMAIN_ID);' This request has validity
(default 7 days) specified in table object_state_requests. After
validity expire, status is cleared. Using this method you can override
default behaviour specified in first paragraph.


> regards
> Petur
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