Jaunty and FRED

Mario Guerra mguerra at nic.cr
Thu May 7 16:30:06 CEST 2009

Dr Paulos Nyirenda escribió:
> Thanks for this commendable piece of work on FRED, the roadmap seems 
> very clear for ubuntu. Did you try this on fedora OR can you point to 
> areas on the roadmap that we can adapt to a a fedora installation?
> Regards,
> Paulos
I rather tried to install in using Centos 5.2 but it is a pretty 
complicated task. Debian/Ubuntu have many, many more software packages. 
So for doing that on using Fedora, you have, as far as i can tell, to 
install many pieces of software like cherrypy3, simplejson and so on, 
from their sources (or perhaps using the Dag repository, etc.).

Our case is pretty interesting. Our home-made application is based on 
RHEL 3. We are migrating our client part to either RHEL 5.x or Centos 
5.2. But fred-client is extremely easy to migrate. The only thing you 
need is Python 2.4-2.6.  For our client part, using FRED is a breeze.

Thus, what we need for using FRED is to have the backend, which we are 
basing in 8.04, used by the CZ folks as their development platform (very 
proper, 8.04 is a LTS release). So we wiil have RHEL 5.2+Tomcat  as the 
client (using our web interface) and Ubuntu 8.04+FRED as the backend.

I agree,  FRED is a truly commendable piece of work, a fantastic task, 
well developed. I have to congratulate the NIC-CZ people. I hope that my 
notes contribute to make easier to install and use it.

Best regards.

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