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Petur Kirke píše v Ne 04. 01. 2009 v 17:07 +0000:
> Hello
> I can see that the FRED database (PostgreSQL) is in UTF-8.
> Since i am using PHP, and i got some problems with UTF-8, I am considering to change the PostgreSQL database to ISO 8859-1 character set.
> question 1)
> Is it safe to do this ?
> Is there anything i should reconsider before doing this ?

Hello Petur,

I have never tried any other encoding than UTF8 and I think there could
be some complications. First, I guess, mod_eppd module which does xml
parsing transfer internally data to UTF8 because input xml can be in any
possible encoding. But if you are writing just client application you
can send xml in 8859-1. You will probably recieve xml in UTF8 but any
compliant xml parsing library should handle this. You don't need to care
what encoding database has.

> question 2)
> And how can i set the character set, if i use the commands below ?:
>  fred-dbmanager uninstall
>  fred-dbmanager install

Database encoding is hardcoded in fred-dbmanager shell script in call to
'createdb' command. You can change it, but I would rather recommend to
change encoding on input and output of FRED to UTF8.

> Petur
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