when I try to start FRED servers, they don't and when I try:
$/root/bin/fred-pyfred start
Importing modules ['mailer', 'techcheck', 'filemanager', 'genzone']
Could not import module: cannot import name ccReg

Is this the reason that servers don't start? How to solve this ?

And when I'm in /share/idl/fred and do ls command I have :
_Admin.idl  ccReg..idl        EPP.idl          Filters.idl  _Registry.idl   _Whois.idl           ZoneGenerator.idl
Admin.idl   _dataTypes.idl  _FileManager.idl  _Mailer.idl  _TechCheck.idl  Whois.idl           _zone.idl
_EPP.idl        FileManager.idl   Mailer.idl   TechCheck.idl   _ZoneGenerator.idl

but not  _ccReg.idl like EPP.idl    _EPP.idl; Admin.idl     _Admin.idl ...etc