17.06.2010 2:37, Jaromír Talíř kirjutas:
Hi Georg,

fred-banking is main script for accepting credit for registrars in
version 2.3. Unfortunately it's fairly connected to our local
environment. One of our bank, Reiffeisen offers http/s interface to our
account for downloading CSV with bank payments. fred-banking script just
parse CSV and create advance invoice for accepted money with associated
credit. I would say it's pretty useless to use this CSV interface. This
script also has --credit parameter which allows to accept credit for
registrar immediately.

In Fred-2.4, banking part was heavily rewritten and it's now hidden as
part of fred-admin. I will write about it in separate email.


Georg Kahest píše v Út 25. 05. 2010 v 10:18 +0300:

Where could i find example config file for fred-banking.
Did i understand correctly that fred-banking logic is to download csv 
files from bank (authenticated with ssl certs) and then import it via 

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Thanks for your reply.
Could you provide me with example csv file, then i could consider will i use fred-banking, modify database directly or use --credit.
does --credit do anything else then add record to invoice table?

Georg Kahest

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