> This leaves us with the original request which is that we just wanted
> to accept a few non-ASCII chars, not the whole UTF8 chebang thing. I
> guess we would need to filter user input somehow allowing for a few
> extra chars. Is this there currently a solution for this ?

Hi Torkil,

yes, currently we don't do character code checking. I'm trying to find
out some easy way how to do that.

Thanks. We think that the critical step is to handle the EPP 'create_domain' command appropriately serverside.

Assuming the input to be either UTF8 or xn--*, something along this sketcy lines, might do the trick, in a proper place:

  TLDCHARS='[áýúíóðæøå]' # from cfgfile
  D=`idn --ascii2idn dn`
  if ( D matches ^[C]+$ )
     return true
  return false
>Your behavior looks like that your
change actually haven't happened
I agree, but don't know how to check it.