Hello sir
I'me testing FRED. With administrative interface I've create a registrar I can search it but when I verify the table registrar in databse I don't see it. Why ?
When I execute creation commands, after typing command conection "fred-client -h nic -p 22353 -u REG-FRED_A -w passwd, in console"
It sent after I fill up fields :
Interactive input completed. [Press Enter]
I press ENTER

 It sent back error like :

You are not connected.

ERROR: Command data XML document failed to validate.
More details in verbose 2 or higher.

If I open ./nofred/named/cron.log there is line error:
       File "/home/nic/root/lib/python2.5/site-packages/pyfred/zone.py",
      line 174, in getObject
     raise ZoneException("Is nameservice running? (%s)" % e)
      pyfred.zone.ZoneException: Is nameservice running?      (CORBA.TRANSIENT(omniORB.TRANSIENT_ConnectFailed, CORBA.COMPLETED_NO))
 Is this the problem ?

have I to modify some configuration files ?
how to connect for executing commands (creating contact, registrar, domaine... etc) ?

thank you