wow, i changed charset in putty to utf8, and now it looks great !   Smile emoticon
How about customers from all around the world ? Do they also use utf 8 ? Is that the standard ?

From: Georg Kahest
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 4:30 PM
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Subject: Re: whois question

13.07.2010 18:21, Petur Kirke kirjutas:
Question regarding to fred whois:
When i do a whois request on the linux prompt, i cannot see our special
countries letters, but only some strange letters.
How can can i fix this ? Is there any language settings ?
I have saved all data in postgres as UTF-8, and when i print out on our
webpage, i use php function utf8_decode. Maybe i have to use some UTF-8 decode
function in C in the mod_whoisd.c script ?
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Do you use utf-8 as your charset in your putty or whatever terminal/ssh client you use?

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