Hi everyone,


Our domains that expired in February and March are stuck in “to be deleted” state, they never get deleted.


On manual deletion or renewal the output is:

Error: ObjectStatusProhibitsOperation


Manual run of ‘/usr/sbin/fred-admin --object_regular_procedure’ executes but doesn’t give any output. Zones are still being generated with such ‘to be deleted’ domains excluded.


The timezone is set to UTC in postregsql.conf


Enum_parameters are as follows:


expiration_notify_period             -30

expiration_dns_protection_period          30

expiration_letter_warning_period           34

validation_notify1_period           -30

validation_notify2_period           -15

regular_day_procedure_period 0

object_registration_protection_period                  6

handle_registration_protection_period                 0

regular_day_outzone_procedure_period              14

outzone_unguarded_email_warning_period       25

enum_validation_continuation_window                14

regular_day_procedure_zone                    Africa/Johannesburg

expiration_registration_protection_period          61


What could be the cause of this?