2009/6/10 Mario Guerra <mguerra@nic.cr>
Umarzuki Mochlis escribió:
> when browsing november 2008 mail archive, i found that my problem
> might be related to postgresql like Julian had but the error message
>  function create_tmp_table(unknown) does not exist at character 8
> aside from that it only happens only 5 times around 11 AM
> when i try again at 12 PM
> REG-UMAR@ <mailto:REG-UMAR@>> create_contact
> CID:CA000001 'Umarzuki' umarzuki@gmail 123 Beranang 43700 MY
> Do you really want to send this command to the server? (y/N): y
> Return code:              2400
> Reason:                   Command failed

Seems like you don't have the PostgreSQL Perl language package
installed. In my case (Ubuntu 8.04):

/root@mguerra:~# dpkg -l | grep postgresql-plperl
ii  postgresql-plperl-8.3                 8.3.7-0ubuntu8.04.1
PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL 8/

if you have it installed, create the language using the PostgreSQL
command line.

Best regards.


Did you mean like in http://www.lghost.ru/docs/postgres/postgres/plperl.html

# createlang plperl fred

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